What To Do Before Turning On Your Furnace For The First Time

The cold season is in and sooner you’ll be firing up your furnace to give you warmth for the long cold nights and days. Unless you want to experience furnace problems and other safety issues in the middle of winter, these are what you should do before turning your furnace on for the first time.. [Read more…]

Why Local Is Best When Choosing A Heating & Cooling Company

Most homeowners think that hiring HVAC companies belonging to the national chain is always the best choice for their heating and cooling needs. Little do they know that there are lots of great benefits they can get by choosing a local HVAC company for their heating and air conditioning needs. Community Support Doing business with. [Read more…]

How Humid Should My Home Be?

Have you experienced too high or too low moisture level inside your home? It’s a big discomfort on your part and also a great danger on your heating and cooling systems. Read on to know the proper humidity level and how to maintain it. What Is Relative Humidity? Relative humidity is the measure of water. [Read more…]

How To Reduce Heat Loss In Homes

Ever wonder why you still get a high heating bill even when you have an efficient and well-maintained heating system? Well, the culprit probably lies behind the corners of your home. What is heat loss? Heat loss happens when air finds escape from the floors, doors and windows, attics and other parts of your home.. [Read more…]

How Plant Shades Grow HVAC Savings

There are lots of cool things you can do to maximize your savings on your HVAC system, but the most practical method is by planting trees to shade your home ready for the changing season. Trees For Summer Shade Shade trees block sunlight from directly heating your home or entering your windows. They also provide. [Read more…]