Withrow Mechanical Inc How to Purify the Air in your Home

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Heating and cooling your home is crucial for comfort, but not all people stop and think about the quality of air in their house or business that they breathe throughout the day and night. Withrow Mechanical Inc in Southlake Texas would like to offer you some tips on purifying the air in your home.  Purchasing an air purifier can be the first step to purifying the air you breathe.

You can purchase them from large hardware stores, or even amazon. If you have any questions about what brand to choose call us at Withrow Mechanical Inc and we will be more than happy to answer your questions. An air purifier works by removing contaminants from the air. If you suffer from allergies or have asthma they can be a great investment towards your health. You can buy individual units to place in rooms where you spend the majority of your time, or you can have one fixed onto your air handler unit or HVAC system. In new construction, it is becoming increasingly popular for HVAC systems to be installed along with a purification system.

Others ways to purify the air in your house are as simple as opening up your windows to let in fresh air, especially when cooking or using chemical based cleaning products. A new item on the market are salt lamps, they claim to clean the air by emitting negative ions. House plants are tried and true when it comes to detoxifying air as they breathe in carbon monoxide and expel oxygen. If you are going to apply bug spray or spray on sunscreen, do so outside. Never use spray paint inside and watch out for certain glues. Last of all, leaving some open boxes of baking soda in rooms can help absorb odors.